Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hey everyone! Sorry for not keeping up with this blog! I'll try my best to update with a card or project at least once a week! I've been super busy the past 6 months. I spent the first half of the year helping my sister plan her wedding. She got hitched in Australia with her new hubby mid July and came back for a fabulous reception. I also planned a surprise birthday party for her in February and a surprise Bridal Shower in May too. Boy, it was sure stressful. Especially the day of the reception. If anything, I learned that I will definitely hire a wedding coordinator/planner for the day of my wedding. I don't want to be staying up to 3am setting up the hall and waking up at 5am to head back to the hall to do the last minute touches.

I'll be back tonight with some pictures of cards I remembered to take a picture of as well as a project I completed back in November.

Stay tuned!


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